Spotless is dressed to impress.

Spotless Theme by Ext.NET

Knock the socks off your users by adding the new Spotless premium theme to your app.

Spotless is hand-crafted with loving care and shined to a mirror finish using the finest Carnauba wax imported from the rich misty mountains of the Brazillian Serra do Mar.

Built to fully support Sencha Ext JS Classic and Ext.NET Classic v7+ applications.

Instantly modernize your app using the new Spotless theme, then sit back and bask in the sweet sweet glory. The Spotless premium theme is now available to purchase. Please contact if you have any questions or comments and we will do our best to assist.

Fresh new modern app styling

Drop-in replacement for older themes

8 new UI styles

Includes 1317 Material Design icons

New rounded and borderRadius configs for all Components

New fill config on Panel

Improved user-experience across all components

Professionally supported by the friendly and hard-working team at Ext.NET